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Office workers swear approximately 55 times a week

Working in an office can be a frustrating experience. Between malfunctioning technology, obnoxious colleagues, and a boss who’s on your nerves 24/7, it can make you seriously want to scream. According to a new study, many office workers resort to swearing to vent their anger, and they do it 55 times a week on average.

It takes the patience of a saint to remain calm when you’re having a stressful day in work, but even the calmest among us has let out a swear word or two at the desk. Unsurprisingly, the results of a recent survey carried out by British telecoms firm 4Com shows that office workers find it really difficult to go very long without cursing.

It found that office workers swear approximately 55 times a week. The study also revealed that middle management use bad language the most, while those working in catering swear the least. Just 19% of people surveyed said they try to never swear around colleagues, with only 3% of interns and work experience employees using swear words in the workplace.

Most swearing is said to be linked to anger, so when something really grinds your gears, take a long deep breath before reacting.

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