Norway hairdresser fined for religious discrimination
Malika Bayan who was turned away by a Norwegian hairdresser Merete Hodne beceause of wearing a headscarf.
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Norway hairdresser fined for religious discrimination

Norway hairdresser was fined with nearly 1,000-euros on Monday. The hairdresser was fined due to discrimination against a Muslim client for wearing a headscarf.

Meret Hodne, the salon hairdresser, could have been sent to six months in prison for the religious discrimination. Malika Bayan was turned down by the salon owner for wearing a head scarf.

The court, when faced with the case, ruled that: “The court… has no doubt that the defendant acted intentionally, that she deliberately discriminated against Bayan by expelling her from the salon because she is Muslim.”

Meret Hodne has been imposed with a fine of 10,000 kroner (1,075 euros/$1,200) and was also ordered to pay 5,000 kroner in court costs. Hodne has intentions of appealing against the decision.

In her defence, she had told the court that: “I see it as a totalitarian symbol. When I see a hijab, I don’t think of religion, but of totalitarian ideologies and regimes.”

Hodne has agreed in front of the court that she could have declined the client politely. However, she rejects any accusations of religious discrimination.

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