Meet Nigar Johar - Third female Major General in Pakistan's history
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Meet Nigar Johar – Third female Major General in Pakistan’s history

Brigadier Nigar Johar has become Pakistan’s third Woman officer and Swabi’s first to reach the rank of Major General in Pakistan Army. She was among those 25 brigadiers who were recently promoted to the Major General rank.

Mrs Nigar Johar initially belongs to the Army Medical Corps regiment and her progression has come after years of hard work and efforts to reach this rank.

Mrs Johar belongs to the Swabi District’s Panjpir Village. Both her parents died in a car crash abut thirty years ago. She is the daughter of late Colonel Qadir, who served in the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and is the niece of Retired Major Mohammad Aamir, who also served in ISI.

Mrs Nigar Johar is definitely one of those women who have proved their worth that be it man or woman, no one can stop the power of determination and bravery to reach the top.

We congratulate her and hope that all the women are inspired by her to reach the top.

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