Celebrations on New Year's eve? Special Forces might destroy your plan
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Celebrations on New Year’s eve? Special Forces might destroy your plan

Are you in high hopes as the New Year’s eve approaches? Plan on partying the night away with your friends? Well, you might have a point to ponder over now! As per the sources, religious parties have finalized a plan through which groups of vigilant and special armed forces will scour the country for any unethical celebrations.

These ‘Special Forces’ will roam around the country with batons to forcefully prevent any sort of musical, dance or uncultured festivities. The core focus of the religious parties is to get rid of any immoral or unsophisticated celebration (as per their rules) on 31st December.

Moreover, the self-proclaimed vigilante forces will patrol Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad mostly for the eradication of nightlife.

Apart from gathering their own security forces, religious parties and groups have collaborated with local administration and authorities to jail people who are found involved in alcohol related activities. They have also doled out a threat regarding not bearing any hiatus in morals.

It remains to be seen if these forces will be as effective on the actual day as they claim to be. On the flip side, lavish hotels and affluent clubs have arranged special parties and gatherings for the celebration of New Year. If these self-asserted moral watchdogs will be able to stop people from celebrating, needs to be witnessed.

Unlike most of the countries, Pakistan does not celebrate the New Year officially. However, many individuals around the country celebrate the event on private level.

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