The Nadra has blocked around 0.25 million CNICs
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Nadra has blocked around 0.25 million CNICs

Around 225 CNICs are blocked since September 2013, official documents revealed on Thursday.

The Nadra has blocked around 0.25 million CNICs across the country where Baluchistan was taking the lead over other provinces where establishment blocked around 80,000 CNICs during this period. Over 59,000 cards were cancelled in Karachi, majority of them were assumed to be foreigners.

Since the National Re-Verification Programme (NR-VP) started many political parties/groups have threatened workers of the Nadra to practice their illegal CNICs while thousands of citizens were complaining that their genuine CNICs were cancelled.

“Activists of political parties are planning protest as a last resort to create law and order situation with a view to compelling higher authorities to accept their mala fide demands of getting illegal CNICs and getting posting/transfer of Nadra officials on their own choice. Nadra’s employees at Killa Abdullah, Pishin and Quetta received threats,” reads a confidential communication between Nadra regional headquarter and office of the Nadra chairman in Islamabad.

Officials also revealed that thousands of genuine CNICs have also been blocked, however to resolve this issue, the government has formed around 92 committees at various Nadra centers across the country to hear complaints of those whose genuine CNICs were blocked.

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