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Mysterious Group Attacking Women After Dark in Punjab

Fear gathers citizens as unknown men are out stabbing women in the dark in Rawalpindi, Punjab. The police are in rigorous search of the mysterious group but have still not recovered any trace. The group has attacked 32 women in the city since February, of whom one died while others were injured.

All of the attacks have taken place in the set back of Morgah police station, which include Kot Kalian and Rabia Bungalows. In the latest attack, the group as been reported to kill one nurse by stabbing her to death and injured two others.

The culprits have injured several women in the locality and the police are already on a hunt for them, officials say.

The most mysterious fact is that the culprits seem to make no demand, nor do they discriminate, targeting women irrespective of age, attire and appearance. Around 25 women have been injured with a knife-like object in the first, which took a start from February. The latest attacks and the nurse’s death have once again spread terror in the city.

According to Malik Kausar, SHO Morgah police station, said that three suspects were caught earlier and even now policemen clothed in civil clothes are outside.

Residents demand that Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar take notice of the matter and catch the attackers so they can go about their routine without fear.

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