Muslim woman receives letter against wearing scarf in US
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Muslim woman receives letter against wearing scarf in US

Recently a photograph went viral on social media which seemed like a threatening letter from a “neighborhood town watch”.Muslim woman receives letter against wearing scarf in US

Dear Terrorist-Bitch,

We are writing to you as the newly organized Neighborhood Town Watch. We understand that you currently wear a scarf on your head and we would like to put you on notice that this will no longer be tolerated in our neighborhood.

Now that America is great again, we would like to offer you two opportunities to avoid any consequences on your poor previous decisions. First, you can take your radical attire of and live like all Americans. Or, your second option, you can go back to the God Forsaken land you came from.

America is Great Again,

Neighborhood Town Watch

The image appeared with a wide range of negative and various claims. When the photograph was posted on Reddit on 20th November 2016, it was shared along with a message saying that the letter had went viral among Muslims in Massachusetts.

On the other hand, the image got huge eye view and response on Facebook, with multiple users sharing the image and claiming that the letter was sent to a “hijabi Muslim woman in Harrisburg, PA”.

Others said that it had been taken in Michigan, while the earliest posting of this image we uncovered, which was shared on 11th November 2016, alleged that it was from somewhere in Delaware.

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