Muslim man kills his wife for 'looking after men' in UK
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A Muslim kills his wife for ‘looking after men’ in UK

A Muslim man has been arrested in Manchester for stabbing his wife to death, who was a worker, because she looked after men.

Imran Khan used to send his wife, Nasreen, detailed messages stating that she has gone against the spirit of Islam.

“If you go to men’s houses and lie to me I get angry. If you play games I get angry,” read one  of the texts.

During a fight, Imran stabbed her wife at home. The deceased has left her three children along with Imran. When the police reached the crime scene, Imran serenely advised them to never get an arrange marriage.

Police also found a text message stating that; “I have told you 10 times there are three people whose prayers will not be accepted by Allah – a fleeing slave until he returns to his master, a woman whose husband is angry with her, until he is pleased with her, and a drunkard until he becomes conscious. If you don’t listen to me I get angry.”

During the court commencement, Imran agreed to the murder on which he was sentenced to life-time imprisonment; with a minimum requirement to serve 20 years.

Nasreen used to work at Homecare Services where she looked after old and weak, men and women to support her family. She also shared her story with the daughter and counselor the night she was killed.

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