MQM-P Disowns Nadeem Nusrat Due To 'Altaf Hussain'
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MQM-P Disowns Nadeem Nusrat Due To ‘Altaf Hussain’

MQM is currently in process of owning and disowning many of its party personnel. This time around, in a somewhat hasty decision, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan has part their ways from all those members who are living in London.

The members, residing in London, who expressed their reservations over Altaf Hussain’s exclusion are politely removed from the party’s actions by Rabita Committee.

The decision has been the impact of Nadeem Nusrat’s statement who said that “the MQM was nothing without Altaf Hussain”.

The suspended members include the important; Nadeem Nusrat, Mustafa Azizabadi, Wasay Jalil and Qasim Ali Raza. Rabita Committee, Pakistan has confirmed the names in a public statement through an important meeting.

The meeting was presided by Dr Farooq Sattar at the party’s temporary headquarters. The statement also clarified that the membership of those workers who are found working contrary to the MQM-P’s policy, passed on August 23rd, will be revoked.

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