Government alerted on mass mobile hacking by Indian cyber intelligence
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Government alerted on mass mobile hacking by Indian cyber intelligence

The Federal Government of Pakistan has commanded the high-level authorities to take an action against the potential, massive infiltration from the enemies in Indian cyber agencies.

The threat issued has stated that the Indian agencies have developed ‘links to hack mobiles of Pakistanis’. As per the official communication directed by the Federal Cabinet Division National Telecom & Information Technology Security Board (NITSB) towards the federal ministry departments including the provincial governments, the SOPs have been forwarded against the ‘malicious link(s)’.

As mentioned in the official directive:

“WhatsApp has recently launched a video calling feature. Because of the popularity of WhatsApp, hackers are taking advantage and sending false emails and message to install malicious app under the garb of enabling WhatsApp video feature.

“The reported links are developed by Indians; therefore, it is evident that Indian hostile agencies are attempting to hack mobiles of Pakistani users.”

Thus, the cyber security departments of the government have ordered to take an action against this hostile attempt along with issuing warning to avoid indulging in such sort of bogus links.

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