Mexicans wage war with the US products and companies in response to Trump's hate
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Mexicans wage war with US products and companies in response to Trump’s hate

Mexicans have declared a war against the US products, after Donald Trump has sworn his place as the elected President of the United States of America.

The country has been embossed with the red, white and green colours of Mexico’s flag on a clenched fist, indicating the rise against Trump’s evil policies. The fist reads:

“Consumers, to the Shout of War. Consume products made in country…Use your buying power to punish the companies that favor the politics of the new U.S. government.”

The agenda is being spread by an active Mexican Rights Group, against Trump’s commands to form a border around both countries and that Mexico should pay for it; resulting in fury all across Mexico. The entire country has been sprayed with messages lauding the ban on American products and companies. Coca Cola, Walmart, McDonald’s and Starbucks are some of the names which are being circulated in demand of the ban.

Enzzo Omar Sosa, part of a collective group called Mexicanos Al Grito de Guerra, or “Mexicans to the Shout of War” declared:

“We need to stand up to Trump’s threats and his economic war. We need to support Mexican companies, which provide jobs and maintain our macro economy.”

The details regarding ban on the US products and the extent to which the ban will affect is yet to be known. However, the US economy can crumble if any such action is taken against the country and the products it manufactures.

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