A Mentally Challenged Accused Of Blasphemy In Qasur
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A Mentally Challenged Accused Of Blasphemy In Qasur

Only two days before, a teenager was accused of blasphemy in Kasur. Now, another person with disabilities has been indicted of irreverence against the religion on Thursday.

The administration of a Markazi Mosque of the Ahle Hadith sect reported the case. A 35-year-old man has already been arrested by the Kangar Pur police.

The complainant has accused the suspect of sacrilege of the Holy Quran. The petitioner has alleged that the accused’s action has hurt feelings of all the Muslims.

However, as per the police officials, the suspect was a mentally challenged individual and such an act could have been committed unintentionally. The police has also stated that the FIR against the disabled man should never have been registered, at the first place.

On the other hand, the complainant has stated that if the police hadn’t been active in arresting, the angry mob would have executed him without any fear of the consequences. He further went on to saying that the alleged culprit wasn’t ‘insane’ as he could easily differentiate between currency notes.

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