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Mastermind behind Peshawar’s Army Public School killed in an Us drone


The mastermind behind the December 2014 massacre at Peshawar’s Army Public School, has been killed in an US drone strike in Afghanistan, senior Pakistani security officials claimed.

On May 25, the US State Department had declared Umar Mansour a global terrorist, thus clearing the path for his inclusion in the hit-list.

Mullah Mansour was the brains behind the manufacturing and proliferation of improvised explosive devices.

Mansour orchestrated the attack on December 16, 2014, on the Army Public School which killed 122 students and 22 teachers. It was one of the worst terrorist attacks which prompted the government to declare an all-out war against terrorist outfits in the country.

One of the officials said they had credible reports of Mansour having been killed with Saifullah, who was in charge of suicide bombers.


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