Malaysian Woman Celebrated Independence With Pakistan On Karakorum
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Malaysian Woman Celebrated Independence With Pakistan On Karakorum

Arifeh Hassan has became the first Malaysian Muslim girl to climb a mountain peak in the Karakorum ranges. The passionate girl went against the harsh weather to celebrate her country’s Independence Day.

Arifeh always wanted to climb mountains but couldn’t, due to Malaysia’s difficult terrain. However, her ambition made her come to Pakistan as it was the nearest country.

Arifeh, while describing her experience, said that she couldn’t describe how she felt when she reached the top of Karakorum peak. “I wanted to explore Pakistan; so instead of travelling by air I opted to go by road, which totally changed my perception about the country. I found people brimming with hospitality and peace,” she said.

“Pakistan is a great country rich in food and cultural diversity,” the Malaysian woman expressed.

Arifen won our hearts when she said that Pakistan is peaceful. There are checkposts in every district for tourists’ convenience; but they can terrify them too.

The Western media spreads stereotypes and misperceptions about it. I would surely recommend Malaysian people to visit Pakistan”.

Najeeb Khan was also Arifeh’s partner during the journey to Karakorum peak.

Both the climbers had taken training through the Shimshal Mountaineering School. They were trained by none other than the famous rescue expert and mountaineer Shaheen Baig. They successfully completed the training course.

Both the climbers chased the difficulties of 5,200m high peak of Shifktin Sar situated in Shimshal valley of Hunza-Gojal.

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