This leaked bill of PM Nawaz Sharif's dinner shows how humble he is!
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This leaked bill of PM Nawaz Sharif’s dinner shows how humble he is!

We all know that Pakistan is a country where the life of the rich is as luxurious as one can imagine, whereas the poor keep on struggling day and night, sleeping hungry and even without shelter. However, a leaked dinner bill of our very own PM Nawaz Sharif shows exactly how much he really cares for his people sleeping on the road.

In his recent visit to Pishin, Balochistan; PM Nawaz made news headlines when the total expense of his tour and stay were calculated and spread among the masses. The prime minister was catered through Serena Hotel, Quetta. The dinner served almost 350 people in a “VVIP Outdoor Catering for Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan At Pishin.”

This leaked bill of PM Nawaz Sharif's dinner shows how humble he is!

This leaked bill of PM Nawaz Sharif's dinner shows how humble he is!

The Quetta Serena Hotel bill, apparently, was directed to the Secretary Finance, Balochistan. The bill indicated figures and details of the meeting that took place at the Pishin Rest house for 350 people, while the per person cost of the buffet (dinner) was Rs. 5,500/-.

The total expenditure of the “one-time dinner” costed the Balochistan government almost Rs. 3,425,000/- (Three Million Four Hundred And Twenty Five Thousand Rupees, ONLY).

While a commoner sleeps with the thought of whether he will be able to feed his kids the next day, our humble prime minister attends dinners costing millions, in fact Rs. 3.5 million! Such luxurious expenditures should be condemned in the name of “VVIP” treatment. Also, did the bill really cost that much or is this another case of day-to-day simplified corruption? Whatever the reality may be, I would still want our leaders to take a moment and think about those who are needy and worthy of national aid.

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