Lahore on red alert for a possible deadly terrorist attack
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Lahore on red alert for a possible deadly terrorist attack

Punjab Home Department’s Provincial Intelligence Centre has issued a high alert of a possible terrorist attack in Lahore.

According to a letter issued on 29th January, Tehreek-e-Taliban Swat has been training young boys, between the age of 10 and 12 years, as suicide bombers in Kunar, Afghanistan. The boys have been trained to perform suicidal attacks in various cities of Pakistan, warns the statement.

Sources have revealed that one of the boy, residing in Lahore, claimed targeting a school near Abdali Chowk. Hence, the concerned department has requested high security measures to be taken, especially for judicial buildings/residences all over Pakistan to avoid any unwanted incident. The authorities have asked for additional security measures as deemed appropriate.

It was added that a District Intelligence Committee’s meeting must be held immediately, in order to examine the level of the threat and take necessary measures to avoid any incident.

The centre has requested extreme vigilance and foolproof security measures, regular combing/search operations and extensive vigilance in the possible target areas, snap checking at pickets and close checking of people associated with certain outfits.

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