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Lack of Management at a Domestic Airport


On 25th May 2016 around 27 kilograms of heroin was recuperated on Wednesday from Pakistan International Airline (PIA) air craft stopped at the Isphahani Hangar at the Jinnah International Airport. No less than nine parcels of the drugs were recovered from hidden compartments in the toilets of the flying machine during a strike by authorities of the custom department, sources said.

The air craft PK305 had reached Karachi from Lahore the previous evening. It was about to fly abroad today. A PIA representative said that the incident was shameful.

 “We are cross examining the staff on-obligation during the night,” he said.

Let’s wait and see who is guilty for this shameful act but my question is that where was our airport’s security panel when 27 kilogram drugs were being hidden and buried in an airplane? It is impossible to ignore this news regarding the fact that we need to be more careful about it since a lot of mishaps have taken place at our airports. Because of one black sheep the whole management is being questioned today and their position are at stake so is it fair? Definitely not.

I agree that this issue is not new to the world because such incidents are found more abroad than in Pakistan, but the security management here should have been more strict about it since terrorism is not a small problem for the people of Pakistan.

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