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“Kinder conditions” a great initiative by Australian advertising body

Australian advertising body has started a great campaign, to highlight the issues of racism, sexism and other relevant problems.

The campaign was run on numerous platforms, such as newspaper, radio and outdoor. It raised awareness of the ethics of marketing, and how it portrays racist and sexist messages which fail to relate with the diverse cultural population.

The campaign, “kinder conditions” include meaningful lines, for instance, “This ad is for white people only”, “If you’re a woman don’t bother reading this ad” and “This ad is brainwashing your children”.

The CEO of the advertising body said: “The advertising Codes are in place to achieve a greater good for everyone, protecting the nation with standards that reflect society’s values across wide-ranging social issues”. She added, “Australians may not be aware that certain codes exist which is why we have set about bringing them to the forefront – it’s not because we get a lot of complaints about them. If the public has concerns about these issues, they can raise them and Ad Standards will act on behalf of their concerns”.

We need to encourage the value of socially progressive advertising.

The advertising body is asking people to nominate advertisement which highlights ethical and positive marketing.


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