I want to kill a Muslim - Man shouts while stabbing a passenger
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“I want to kill a Muslim” – Man shouts while stabbing a passenger

In what could be termed as another incident of Islamophobia, a British man stabbed a passenger on a train heading to South London, while simultaneously chasing people and shouting, “I want to kill a Muslim”; as reported by Daily Mirror.

The British police have stated that the incident isn’t being treated as an act of “terrorism” and couldn’t be linked to any sort of Islamophobic attacks.

The man roamed around the streets with an intention to kill, for about 15 minutes, which made the shoppers and travelers ran away with fright.

British Transport Police said in a statement on their website;

“A man has been arrested after a man was seriously assaulted at Forest Hill station this afternoon. We are investigating the circumstances of the Forest Hill incident, but at this time we are not treating it as terrorism-related.”

Last month, another British-Pakistani was beaten up by a group of fourteen teenage boys, who also threw acid on his face. Islamophobic attacks in US have increased by a great margin, post Donald Trump’s win in the Presidential Elections.

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