Key suspect arrested in Karachi Baldia Town fire case
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Key suspect arrested in Karachi Baldia Town fire case

Abdul Rehman, alias Bhola, frontman of the 2012 arson attack at Baldia Town Factory has been arrested in Bangkok, today.

As reported by Thai Daily, Abdul Rehman was arrested from the Royal Garden Home Hotel, Bangkok from room 405. The raid was conducted by commandos from the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) and Interpol.

Over 250 workers were killed in the arson attempt in Karachi’s Baldia Town. The auxiliary charge sheet regarding the case was filed in 2012 and as per it former chief of the MQM Karachi Tanzeemi Committee Hammad Siddiqui, his front man and the Baldia Town sector in-charge Abdul Rehman, alias Bhola, and three to four unknown men were alleged as truants in the case. Dozen other purported culprits were set free due to the lack of evidence.

The arrest of Abdul Rehman can be considered as a major breakthrough in the long-puzzled, high profile terrorism attempt.

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