Islamabad bound private airline's flight struck by Bird
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Islamabad bound private airline’s flight struck by Bird

A private airliner bound to Islamabad from Karachi had to make its way back to Karachi airport after being struck by a bird. Just a few minutes after the flight took off, the pilot had to return back to airport on its initial starting point.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has stated that the plane was hit by a bird when it had traveled just 16 kilometers away from the Jinnah International Airport. Furthermore, it has been revealed that the bird hit the aircraft’s windscreen.

Islamabad bound private airline's flight struck by Bird
Source: GEO News

Due to the reasons unknown, the flight was diverted back to the initial point, with sources hinting that windscreen might have been damaged or visibility could have been affected. Media reports have also hinted on the investigations, which are underway to discuss the exact cause behind the incident. Fortunately, passengers were safely escorted out of the plane.


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