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Is Media not being Fair to Humanity?

In the realm of today, media has gotten to be as essential as nourishment and garments. It has assumed noteworthy part in fortifying the general public. Media is considered as “mirror” of the present day society. Truth be told, it is the media which shapes our lives. Media is assuming incredible part in each general public. It assumes essential part in setting plans of open.

In Pakistan, media is working unreservedly and autonomously. In the event of electronic media there are various channels working including news, games and entertainment channels. In some cases media rather than spreading the underlying drivers of any issue adds to duplicate wordings over some issues and emergencies. Media ought to be exceptionally delicate while showing its nation towards the world. Our media tells the world what precisely we are, what our standards are, values and culture. Being an Islamic nation, our media ought to speak to us positively towards the world. Part of media in Pakistan is getting very superficial; as there are such a variety of syndicated programs and political level headed discussions on the screen all the time now and then there are by all accounts crossing their points of confinement. Media ought to work in its points of confinement and as indicated by a few guidelines and regulations. Other than spreading distortion, Pakistani media ought to determine the matters with uplifting state of mind. Media should be in charge of the present society, patterns, and standards. Individuals are what they see, around them. Media mirrors the general public and it is the obligation of media to open the nation to the entire world.
To keep this in mind TV channels are running after TRPs, TRPs are just numbers which have taken so much hold in the mind of channel holders that they have forgotten what is right and what is wrong. They have forgotten what an ordinary man wants, what his needs are. They need to see that he does not understand TRPs he understands content and news; he gets influenced by the social norms we show on TV every day. So media should be careful as to what they are showing and how they are portraying it.

The media for the most part TV has turned into the fundamental narrating vehicle and the writers have turned into the key players in legend making and personality building. Proficient columnists are dependable to make a feeling of having a place and to support the youth of Pakistan to carry on like an observant Pakistani. There is an awesome rivalry among the channels and it has gone to brutal conditions, that they have beginning to utilize negative instruments to expand their viewership.

Obviously, with this essential part comes obligation. The media must work in a moral and dependable way. Media associations, columnists and people must be responsible for their yield and it is along these lines essential that the limits that they work inside are clear and unambiguous. The code of morals for columnists must be reasonable and reliable. This will be an authoritative test for the updated press law, which is being drafted here in Pakistan.

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