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Is China’s Losing its Economic Grip?

It seems that China did not have a good enough year in 2015 as they had expected like all previous years. After their great financial set back in the year 2009, China was able to stand back up, strong and better, but seems like the economic figures of 2015 caught them back in surprise.

China has summed the final economic figures of 2015 and have come to realize that after years of torrid expansion, the world’s second-largest economy is now decelerating. China’s economy has not grown this slow in the past 25 years, infact.


Uncertainty over the outlook for the Chinese economy, a key driver of global growth, has roiled international markets lately. China isn’t buying as many commodities as it once did, and so the country’s currency, the yuan, has fallen against the dollar. Lets see how China will overcome this economic drought and stand again in order to maintain their position as the world’s 2nd largest economy.

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