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Iphone Might Not Be As Safe As It Claims!

The developers of a very famous web browser, Mozilla, released a poll on Wednesday that takes aim at Apple’s “Privacy, That’s iPhone” marketing message.

As per the poll, 61 percent of iPhone users say default privacy settings are a significant factor when purchasing a new cell phone. However, half of iPhone users are unaware of their phone’s unique ID, called “identifier for advertisers,” or IDFA. The feature is unique to each individual’s handset and allows tracking of the consumer’s app activity, which in turn is sent to third-party advertisers by default.

According to Adage, an Apple spokesman says the feature is consistent with its dedication to privacy, adding that a random identifier is generated by the operating system for each user’s device. Advertisers must agree to use the data only for serving ads on their apps, the spokesman says, and that users can manually “limit ad tracking” through the settings menu, which prevents them from receiving ads.

Mozilla a nonprofit developer of free software and self-described privacy advocate commissioned the poll of approximately 1,000 U.S. iPhone and Android users in October. The poll was conducted by Ipsos, the market and opinion research firm.

Adage reported that the Mozilla poll suggests that 54 percent of iPhone users would want the IDFA feature to reset automatically at regular intervals and that more than half are concerned that apps they download and websites they visit are being tracked by third parties.

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