VIDEO: Indian ward boy breaks leg of infant for crying continuously
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VIDEO: Indian ward boy breaks leg of infant for crying continuously

In a completely terrible yet horrendous incident devoid of even a pinch of humanity, the video of an Indian ward boy breaking the leg of an infant for crying incessantly has raised a question that are we completely lacking humanity?

The boy was admitted at a local private Roorkee Airan Hospital in India on 25th January and was admitted since then for extensive respiratory problems in Intensive Care Unit (ICU). The incident happened a day or two ago and was made public when father of the kid lodged an FIR against the inhumane ward boy.

As per the details revealed, the culprit in question was alone on duty and was flabbergasted by the ill infant’s continuous crying. However, parents while attending the kid couldn’t spot immediately that something was wrong with the kid.

The family was alerted of the crime when the baby was referred to another hospital and the doctors there confessed a fracture and advised of an immediate treatment. After the family was cautioned, they get back to the hospital where a CCTV footage of the heinous act was present.

“As per the complaint filed by the family, an attendant manhandled the child. We have also been handed over the footage of the whole incident; and have initiated a probe to find out the truth”, reveals the police officer.

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