Indian Muslim girls tortured and raped for eating beef
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Indian Muslim girls tortured and raped for eating beef

According to BBC news, an Indian girl along with her 14 year old cousin were abused and raped by a gang of four men, after having the girls and their family accused of being Muslims who ate beef, in Mewat district.

The 20 year old girl, who does not want her name published said that four men rushed an attack on her family, beating her uncle and aunt to death and abusively raped her and her cousin…only because they were accused of eating beef, even though she had denied consuming beef.

She said the men beat her uncle and aunt to death in their home in Mewat. Many Hindus consider cows sacred and the slaughter of the animal is banned in several states, including Haryana.

According to police reports, the suspects have been arrested and charged with allegations of rape and murder. The incident took place two weeks ago but the news has just come out with the victimized girl claiming, “They [the accused men] said that we ate cow meat and that is why we were being disgraced [raped]. They even threatened to kill me and my family if we ever told anybody what happened to us.”

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