India starts isolating Kashmir, bans Newspapers
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India starts isolating Kashmir, bans Newspapers

India and its never-ending atrocities on occupied Kashmir are reaching new heights, day by day. Once again following the trend, Indian government has ordered to ban the “Kashmir Reader newspaper” to all of the city’s printing presses.

As per the concerned officials, the newspaper was publishing such sort of material, continuously, which could “easily incite acts of violence and disturb peace and tranquility.”

The officials have directed a strict letter towards the Editor, Publisher and Financiers of Daily Kashmir Reader to immediately stop the publication; otherwise, they would have to face serious consequences.

India starts isolating Kashmir, bans Newspapers

The order reads; “It has been observed that the contents published in the above Newspaper is of such nature that can easily cause incitement of acts of violence and disturbance of public tranquility in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and Srinagar District in particular.”

This ban has come after the Indian occupied Kashmiris have become the centre of attention of both India and Pakistan. A fresh set of rebels are being generated by the area, each day.

India couldn’t find a better action to take; in order to cover-up its extreme injustice towards the innocent Kashmiris.

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