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Independence Day preparations in full swing ahead of August 14

Preparations to celebrate Jashan-e-Azadi are on the way across Rawalpindi district like other parts of the country to mark the Independence Day of Pakistan in a befitting manner.

With the start of August, the preparations for the celebrations of the 73nd Independence Day of Pakistan had begun in every corner of the city to celebrate the day with zeal and zest.

As the Independence Day gets nearer, the buildings are being illuminated and a number of colourful activities are also being planned to mark this occasion with great enthusiasm.

Nowadays, printers and makers of buntings, flags, banners and badges are fully engaged in their business.

Jashan-e-Azadi preparations are at its peak as five days are left and the citizens are getting ready to celebrate the Independence Day on Aug 14, Friday.

Although keeping in mind the current COVID19 situation, we thought this year we won’t be able to see 14 August being celebrated in full swing but the situation hasn’t changed due to Covid, people are still really excited to celebrate Independence Day.

The most enthusiastic are children who are busy collecting stickers, badges and also beautifying their bicycles with special stickers inscribed with messages of Independence Day.

The makers of buntings, flags, banners and badges are working round the clock to meet demand as well as supplying to other adjoining areas of the city. A number of stalls carrying bunting, flags, badges, Azadi dresses, toys and other accessories have been set up in all commercial areas of the city to attract youth and children.

Many food outlets are ready to offer Azadi deals with the discount to attract food lovers while different boutiques and shops offer the huge variety of Azadi dresses.

“We have planned to wear Azadi dresses of green and white colour, bangles and badges and visit some recreational places if the weather remains pleasant,” said Asifa.

She further said, like every year, this year too, we will mark our Independence Day with patriotic zeal.

According to programme, the day would dawn with special prayers in mosques for the integrity, solidarity and development of Pakistan. The day is celebrated across the country with flag raising ceremonies, tributes to the national heroes and fireworks taking place.

Nowadays, national songs are in the air which gives the message that whole the nation is united.

The national flags are being hoisted at the important buildings to celebrate the day with befitting manners. Special prizes on this occasion are awarded to those who decorate and illuminate their building beautifully.

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