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How telecom companies need to adapt AI in their business.

In the face of rising demand for data, increasingly saturated mobile markets, and stiff opposition from legacy players, tech entrants, and startups, global telecoms are locked in a battle for market share.

These market pressures have led to vicious price wars for mobile services and, as a result, declining average revenue per user.

According to Business Insider, it is making matters worse, improvements in infrastructure and technology have made telecoms largely comparable in terms of coverage, connection speeds, and service pricing, meaning companies must transform their businesses if they hope to compete.

For many global telecoms, shoring up market share under today’s pressures while also future-proofing operations mean having to invest in AI. The telecom industry is expected to invest $36.7 billion annually in AI software, hardware, and services by 2025, according to Tractica.

Through its ability to parse large data sets in a contextual manner, provide requested information or analysis, and trigger actions, AI can help telecoms cut costs and streamline by digitizing their operations.

Business Insider reported that, In practice, this means leveraging the increasingly vast gold mine of data generated by customers that pass through wireless networks, the amount of data that moves through AT&T’s wireless network has increased 470,000% since 2007.

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