This video of a 'Homeless Muslim Man' is the best reply to Islamophobia
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This video of a ‘Homeless Muslim Man’ is the best reply to Islamophobia

A mini YouTube star, Hstar Vlogs, whose real name is Hassan Saleemi conducted a social and religious experiment on the streets of London. Clad in Thawb (Muslim clothing), Saleemi sat on the pavement of a busy London street with an “I am Homeless” sign.

Just within minutes, people started approaching him for food, money, and other privileges; thinking that he needed help. When, in actual, Saleemi wanted to prove that humanity is above any kind of hatred, racism, and religious discrimination.

In a statement, Hassan Saleemi said;

“I want to be the face of British Pakistani’s around the world, who is of a Muslim faith and who is positive about life and to help others.”

The video has crossed over 30,000 views in a matter of days. Watch the video and cherish that how humanity, still, flourish; and there is definitely an end to these dark times.


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