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Here’s Why You Need To Be Careful While Playing Pokemon Go


We are all aware of Pokemon Go, the new game application that has taken the internet by storm. Where everyone is downloading the application and started playing this game, as it’s not even officially released now. We heard and came to know that a lot of incidents had taken place while playing this game.

On July 6, 2016, Niantic Labs released Pokémon Go, it’s a reality based game on iOS and Android devices in Australia and the United States. There’ no doubt that the game proved to be a massive success, its release adding nearly $11 billion to Nintendo’s value. According to Forbes, it is about to beat Twitter in the number of daily active users on Android. The game became the top grossing app in the IPhone store last week after its release in US, Australia, and New Zealand.
When we think of Video games, the first thing that comes to our mind is that the players wont be able to move for hours, they are jut supposed to sit and play. However, people playing Pokémon Go are posting about it being an encouragement for physical exercise. While there are games like Dance Dance Revolution and Wii Fit that motivate fitness, Pokémon Go has become a popular way for people to go outside and walk around looking for pocket monsters. The game makes players walk to different places and to be able to catch different Pokémon. Due to this, an increase in the amount of distance walked is being recorded.

But recent reports indicate a rise in crime and injuries related to the game, especially when alerting strangers of their location. Police reports in Missouri claim armed robbers used the game’s geological location to bait victim to isolated areas. In another incident, the game led a teenager to a dead body in a river. Police officer after investigating the body stated “The death seemed to be accidental in nature.”, though the water was only 3ft deep where the body was found, investigators said the man possibly drowned. Australian police have also requested that players look up from their phones whilst crossing the streets. Users are sharing tales of injuries sustained at the same time as walking around searching for Pokémon’s in social media.
On the other hand, the game’s limited release has led the rest of the world to download the game on their phones illegally as they try to keep up with the hype, others wait for Nintendo to officially release the game before experiencing this augmented reality for themselves. Pokémon Go is also capturing the interests of Pakistanis. Thousands of people in Pakistan play the game and share their experiences on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This goes to show how people could not wait for the game to be released in their country and wanted to try it as soon as it was released. There are groups on Facebook, dedicated to Pokémon Go, sharing locations that they pinned on Google maps, to find the pocket monsters in different cities of Pakistan.

I haven’t yet downloaded the application because first of all its illegal to download any app which is not officially released and secondly there are several points and settings that we have to change in our phones to get this application. I don’t have time to change those settings. So I’m just going to wait for it to get officially released here. To all those who play this game kindly be careful while playing or catching the pokemon. There’s no doubt that this is an amazing game and everyone has the right to get addicted to it. But still safety comes first.

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