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Is Hello The New Orkut?

Orkut, one of the pioneers in the social network scene closed down in 2014. It was created by a Turkish engineer Orkut Buyukkokten.

Orkut Buyukkokten announced the creation of another social network from the ashes of the previous network. In a letter aimed at Orkut users, he elaborated on’s mission.


“So to all my friends, thank you for making orkut such a loving community. I’m so blessed to share this world with you. As a token of gratitude, I am making a new social network just for you. I’m not so good at goodbyes, so I’m calling it hello. hello is the next generation of Orkut”

Hello is similar to Google+ in some ways, it helps you connect to people who share similar interests in the same way. It also offers leader boards which are for the people in a persona.


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