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Helicopter Taxi Soon To Be Available For All In NYC.

World’s biggest car service is taking to the air in New York City where users with a little cash to spare will soon be able to fly in helicopter flights to John F. Kennedy International airport through their apps.

Uber stated, its Copter offer on Thursday, the company announced flights to and from Lower Manhattan will become available to all Uber users on October 3. Uber made the feature available to its premium members in June.

According to Tribune, Uber says the service is intended to reduce travel times, but when Reuters tried Copter on Wednesday, a trip from its Midtown office to the airport took 70 minutes, including a subway ride downtown and two Uber rides to and from the heliport. That’s about the same time it would have taken by regular taxi in moderate traffic.

Uber officials on Thursday stated that the trip was not realistic as part of the commercial rollout, however, as the Copter option is only shown to customers located in the Lower Manhattan area.

Sources suggest that Uber might gradually expand the Manhattan pick-up zone. This is certainly expensive and it will be a premium product, but we think we’re actually able to offer a fairly accessible entry point with Uber Copter.


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