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Guess how many Pakistanis know the govt COVID-19 helpline

Only 2 in 5 Pakistanis can correctly tell you what the official COVID-19 government helpline is. The rest either don’t know it or cannot remember it.

This statistic was revealed in a poll published by research company IPSOS on Thursday, analyzing what myths the public continues to believe about the coronavirus crisis.

In case you were scratching your head, the proper helpline is 1166. And by the way, it isn’t 1122 (rescue service), 15 (also rescue service), 911 (American rescue service) or 1188 (doesn’t exist).

The poll also found that awareness of the official 1166 helpline was higher among men, younger people and formally educated people from the sample size.

The method

IPSOS polled 1,000 people from April 4 to 7.  They were from all the provinces and territories: Punjab, 57%, Sindh, 22%, Balochistan, 6%, KP, 10% and AJK, 5%.
They were many different age groups from teenagers to people over 50 years and 73% were men and 27% were women.
The majority of people were interviewed from cities and the biggest section was dedicated to the poorest people.

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