Government is spending more on 1 KM of Metro Bus than entire Science & Technology sector
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Government is spending more on 1KM of Metro Bus than entire Science & Technology sector

Pakistan government is spending more funds on a kilometer of metro bus route than the total budget allotted to Ministry of Science and Technology, reveals the Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology.

The matter was discussed by the chairman Osman Saifullah Khan who urged to raise it in an upcoming Senate session. Furthermore, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Rana Tanveer Hussain also stated that the sector is not in government’s priority. He revealed that the spending which is being done on the research is just 0.29 percent of the GDP, making it stand on the 87th position around the world.

The Committee talked about the implementation of Pakistan National Accreditation Council Bill, 2016, COMSATS University Islamabad Bill, 2017 and Pakistan Council of Science and Technology Bill, 2016. A rigorous session was held in order to discuss government’s ignorance on the issues surrounding the science and technology sector and why it was being neglected, with funds being sent to just transport sector only.

The ministry also stated that it needs allocation of more funds in order to work on numerous developmental projects that are already in pipeline. However, the millions of taxes being spent on just the construction of roads and that too for PM Nawaz Sharif’s exclusive Metro Bus project is something we all need to rethink.

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