Government confirms to end loadshedding completely
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Government confirms to end loadshedding completely

State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali confirmed that there would be zero loadshedding of electricity across Pakistan by 2018 except for the areas where people do not pay their electricity bills and the power theft ratio is high.

Abid Sher said that, “There would be three-hour power outages in urban and four hours in rural areas daily during this summer. The government is planning to ensure zero or shortest duration of load-shedding in the upcoming Ramazan.”

If we go back to 2015, the loadshedding duration has substantially been reduced from 18 hours to three hours only. He further said, “Our government is all committed to enhancing overall electricity generation capacity by 13000 megawatts in its five-year term and so far it has added 4100 megawatts to the system.”

Till 2018, the NTDC would complete installation of five new grid stations of 500kV and extend its transmission lines of 2000km which would carry extra load of 7000MVA. The company would also complete installation of 13 new 220kV grid stations and its transmission line of 1600km carrying 11000MVA load.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif confirmed that the government is taking all measures to end loadshedding by 2018. Nawaz Sharif while charing a meeting of the cabinet committee on energy in Islamabad stated that, “An addition of more electricity to the national grid before the advent of the summer is the government’s priority.”

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