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Google reported hack breach in Iphone. find out here!

Apparently IPhone users aren’t secure anymore and they are being hacked by different websites anonymously. Big tech companies are strategizing on how these breach can be stopped.

In what may be one of the largest attacks against iPhone users ever, researchers at Google say they uncovered a series of hacked websites that were delivering attacks designed to hack iPhones. The websites delivered their malware indiscriminately were visited thousands of times a week, and were operational for years, Google said.

Google says, there was no target discrimination simply visiting the hacked site was enough for the exploit server to attack your device, and if it was successful, install a monitoring implant. We estimate that these sites receive thousands of visitors per week.

The implant also has access to the user’s keychain, which contains passwords, as well as the databases of various end-to-end encrypted messaging apps, such as Telegram, WhatsApp, and iMessage, Beer’s post continues. End-to-end encryption can protect messages from being read if they’re intercepted, but less so if a hacker has compromised the end device itself.

Previously documented attacks have been more focused, typically by a text message sent to the target, along with a link to a malicious site, sometimes just for that target. This attack appears to or at least has the potential to be, broader in scope.


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