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Google pays tribute to Mirza Ghalib with doodle on his 220th birthday

Google’s doodle pays tribute to the poet, Mirza Ghalib on his 220th beginning anniversary. Ghalib was born in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, during the reign of Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah. It is known that the poet showed a gift for language at an early age and was educated in Persian, Urdu, and Arabic.

He started composing poems from the age of 11. Though his first language was Urdu, Turkish and Persian have been spoken at dwelling too. In the present day, Mirza Ghalib is extra well-known for his Urdu Ghazals amongst Urdu students than he’s for his achievements in Persian.

Google in its blog defines his work as, “His verse is characterized by a lingering sadness borne of a tumultuous and often tragic life — from being orphaned at an early age, to losing all of his seven children in their infancy, to the political upheaval that surrounded the fall of Mughal rule in India.”

Ghalib’s contributions to Urdu literature were though not fully appreciated in his lifetime, but his legacy has come to be widely celebrated, most particularly for his mastery of the Urdu ghazal.

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