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Google marks its 20th year

Google is celebrating its 20th birthday and it is fascinating to know that a 20-year-old has answers to almost all the questions in the world. From its foundation in a Menlo Park garage in 1998, to the gigantic headquarters in Mountain View, Google has evolved a lot through its 2 decade-long existence. Once just a search engine, the $852 billion company is now a leader in digital advertising, software, as well as hardware.

From a humble beginning in Stanford dorm rooms, Google has emerged as one of the biggest internet successes. But growing competition, over reliance on ad revenues and privacy concerns pose new challenges for the company.

The two men behind one of the world’s most successful companies first encountered each other at Stanford University in 1995. Second-year computer science student Brin volunteered to show potential first-year entrants around the campus, and Page, an engineering major from the University of Michigan, was assigned to Brin’s care. Some accounts paint a rocky picture of the pair’s interaction throughout the year that followed. Brin himself spoke to about his early time, stating: “We both found each other obnoxious”. But they were drawn together and soon formed a lasting partnership.

Doodles are known for celebrating the achievements of historic figures or commemorating important world events. But they weren’t always used for such noble purposes.

The first doodle appeared in 1998 as a stick figure depicting a Burning Man festival effigy. Far from reflecting important milestones, the doodle was the company’s way of telling site visitors that the whole staff had abandoned their posts to attend the event in the Nevada desert.

Happy Birthday Google !

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