Gen Raheel Sharif requested to command the Army of 34 Muslim States
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Gen Raheel Sharif requested to command the Army of 34 Muslim States

According to senior journalist, Hassan Nisar, since the news of Gen Raheel Sharif’s retirement took hold, many countries began with multiple thoughts and proposals for the Army Chief to aid them in their defence mechanism and counter terrorism strategies. However, it seems as though Saudi Arabia has taken the upper hand.  America, India, Afghanistan, UAE, UK and alike wish to see the Army chief retire soon, but Saudi Arabia has forward a proposal of leading the command of 34 Muslim states armies, so that even after the chief’s retirement, he would still counter terrorism as being the foremost need of the Muslim world.

There is no question that in the 3 years of Gen Raheel Sharif’s tenure as COAS, the Pakistan Army has named itself numerous achievements and titles; Zarb-e-Azb being one of them.

On the other hand, countries like China and Russia wish to welcome the chief in the business world. Now that the COAS has only 40 days left before his retirement, there is no sign of request or need of extension in the date from Gen Raheel. There is no doubt that the staff and chief to be elected after Gen Raheel’s retirement will also be worthy and dependable, but the respect and love that Gen Raheel Sharif has gained from the people across Pakistan is not every leader’s fate.

The Chief of Army Staff will soon start visiting countries across the globe as a farewell before his retirement, hence the news of his commandment as chief for the 34 Muslim states cannot be confirmed as yet, for which we shall have to wait and watch.

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