France To Preserve Environment By Plastic Bans
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France To Preserve Environment By Plastic Bans

France becomes the first country to ban plastic used in edibles. The country has banned plastic plates, cups and silverware. The law has been passed and will take full effect by 2020.

The law was passed around a day or two ago. However, the lawmakers have given the compensation to all businesses to settle their cords by 2020.

The proposal to stop the production of plastic dishes was first suggested by the Europe Ecologie-Greens Party.

All the disposable dishes would have to be made from biologically sourced materials and should be able to compost.

In an initiative to protect environment and less pollution, France barred the use of plastic bags in July. Many other countries have also banned the use of plastic bags.

Many businessmen and industrial lobbyists have criticized the ban, stating that it goes against the rules of European Union free movement of goods.

France is considered as the champion of environment. It also hosted the Paris Climate Change Conference in 2015.

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