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For the first time in history of Oscar, a streaming portal begged 24 nominations !

For the first time in Academy Award history, the studio with the most nominations is a streaming service.

On Monday, Netflix nabbed 24 nominations for the big awards ceremony, more than any other media company in the industry this year. Netflix’s achievement illustrates a new attitude from the Academy toward streaming services, CNBC reported.

Additionally, Netflix earned nominations for two feature documentaries (“American Factory” and “The Edge of Democracy”) and one documentary short (“Life Overtakes Me”).

Netflix’s road to the Oscars hasn’t been an easy one. The streaming service has clashed with creators, theater owners and the Academy.

According to CNBC, as recent as April, the Academy was warned by the U.S. Department of Justice that its potential rule changes, which would limit the eligibility of Netflix and other streaming services, could raise antitrust concerns and violate laws aimed at protecting competition.

Netflix has never been interested in making money at the box office. Instead, it’s about prestige and winning over subscribers.

And Netflix’s purchase of The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood means the streaming service doesn’t have to rely on third parties to show its films to the public.

Of course, earning the most nominations doesn’t mean Netflix will come home with the most awards. In December, the streaming service garnered the most Golden Globe nominations(17), but only won two awards.


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