FBI's email to Pakistani students of Ohio Wesleyan University creates fear and anger
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FBI’s email to Pakistani students of Ohio Wesleyan University creates fear and anger

FBI sent an email to all the Pakistani students of Ohio Wesleyan university, in order to attend a special FBI meeting in the university premises.

The email created confusion, disruption, and fear among the students who are becoming the target of extreme racism and Islamophobia after Trump’s win in Presidential election. Receiving email at such a time, definitely worried a lot of students.

Todd Lindgren, spokesman for the FBI office in Cincinnati, revealed that the only purpose of sending the mail and arranging a meeting was to make Pakistani community aware and brief them about the risk of radicalization and nothing else.

“Our idea was to try to raise awareness among students who may be traveling to Pakistan not to be victims of radicalization.”

But, majority of the students didn’t understand the actual reason behind the seminar and thought if it is another extremism target; owing to which the seminar had to be cancelled. The students were of the view that the university administration should have alerted the students about the seminar, instead of FBI, so that the panic and feeling of fear must have been subsided.

“Our contact for immigration is through our school officials. They always have meetings and stuff before we go home. They could just tell us, ‘Hey, watch out for these people’ — the FBI warned us.”

What is in the future for Pakistani students in American Universities after the Trump’s win remains to be seen.

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