Father sues daughter, slaps with a heavy fine for taking too long to graduate
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Father sues daughter, slaps with a heavy fine for taking too long to graduate

It seems that parents these days are getting fed up of supporting their children’s college funds too. Similarly, a father who was so fed up of paying for his daughter’s tuition fees took to the court, the matter of paying him the debts back.

The father based in Austria claimed that his daughter was studying architecture at the University of Vienna, but instead of completing her degree in the mentioned span she had taken too long. Thus, he sued her to repay the cost amounting to $25,000.

The father who took the matter to Supreme court accused that it takes an average of eight semesters to get done with the degree, however his daughter took a total of 13 semesters to pass the same. The court ruled in his favour, stating that he was only eligible to pay the fee for 10 semesters and the rest 3 should be paid by his daughter.

The father had previously taken the matter to Austria’s lower courts, where he had lost the case.

Now, after the final decision of the higher court, the daughter will have to pay over $25,000 and separately pay over $8500 in legal fees.

This case is unusual in all the aspects of casualness, however this is not first of the sort. The same firm which represented the father in this case, stated that they had previously won six cases of the same nature.

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