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Family of a 7-year-old, attacked for being Muslim, bids farewell to US

The family of a 7-year-old, who was later this month, attacked by his class fellows for being a Muslim, has left the United States. Zeeshan ul-hassan Usmani, a well-known computer scientist and entrepreneur has left the country after his son was brutally hit.

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Mr. Zeeshan had earlier voiced out his concern and the shameful incident through Facebook; that his son, Abdul Aziz, who was just a first grader was beaten by his school fellows. His Facebook picture had stated that “Welcome to the United States of America of Donald Trump.”

Zeeshan Usmani had said that;

“Abdul Aziz’s class fellow forced him to eat non-halal food and upon refusal, the student along with others punched him in the face, kicked him in the stomach, and twisted his arm while chanting ‘Muslim’.”

In another statement to the media, while talking about son, Zeeshan ruefully stated;

“He was born and raised [in the United States]. He was born in Florida. As American as you can think of. He likes Captain America. He wants to be president of the United States of America.” 

Zeeshan Usmani, himself, is a successful scientist and has won numerous accolades in the field of computer sciences in the US. He received the Best IT Innovation Award in 2012, the Teradata IT Excellence Award in Research and Development in 2013, and the World Startup Cup in 2014. At the start of his career in Pakistan, he stood as the winner of the TiE StartUp Cup Pakistan for his remarkable development on terrorism forecasting.

Zeeshan Usmani hasn’t declared the location of their migration, due to safety concerns, yet.

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