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Faisalabad scientists launch indigenously-produced sanitisers to tackle COVID-19

Scientists at the University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) have developed and introduced a safe, effective hand sanitiser based on their own research, with the product conforming to the World Health Organization’s quality standards.

Speaking to, UAF molecular scientist Professor Amir Jamil said: “Our research-based sanitiser developed with local ingredients is especially effective against viruses as well as bacteria. It is safe for the skin and highly effective against all kinds of microorganisms.”

The hand sanitiser was produced by scientists at the university’s Departments of Bio-Chemistry (Molecular Care) and Chemistry on Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Muhammad Ashraf’s directives. The scientists said hand sanitisers being used to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus should carry both anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities and their product ensures that.

They added that the hand sanitiser was made of high-standard chemicals considered reliable all around the world. The indigenously-produced product would not create any allergic reaction either as has become a common case these days.

The sanitising product is available as a spray to be used to clean both the hands and other surfaces to eliminate the presence of harmful viruses and other microbial bodies. It was made available for sale at a special selling point at the university’s main gate, at Jail Road, every day from 10am to 3pm.

It was also being sold at the university’s Molecular Care Collection Centre in front of the Institute of Business Management Sciences (IBMS) during the same time.

Those who visit the selling point would also be given information about the coronavirus pandemic.

“Some people have approached us for it’s commercial production,” Prof Amir Jamil, the molecular scientist, said. “We looking into the possibility. Soon this product would be available in the entire country.”

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