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Emirates Airlines: a disgrace to the term Customer Care?


While everyone was busy celebrating Eid with their loved ones. There were families who planned to celebrate this years Eid with their families who are far away from them and for that they booked the best airlines they could find. And while talking about best airlines Emirates is one of the airlines we consider among best. But recently an incident happened which got viral on social media.

A family husband and wife were travelling in emirates airline and just before the aircraft was yet to start its engines, they were busy discussing how they will pass their time in this flight, when suddenly a heavy baggage fell from the overhead compartment and hit hard on the base of his wife’s neck.


She was instantly demobilised and could not move, so much so that after trying for 15 mins, they had to evacuate her from the aircraft on wheel chair to the emergency and onwards to the airport medical clinic.
After running initial tests and assessment in the medical center they were told that this was a serious case, and were moved via an ambulence to the Rashid hospital emergency department. The husband have spent the last 48 hours in a state of sheer worry and concern for the safety of his wife. She has had a ct scan and an x ray done, and awaiting an MRI. She was unable to even sit up straight to have meals.
Not to forget how Emirates and their extreme intolerance towards human beings and their ridiculous staff have made this couples experience more painful and tormenting. At no point during the entire situation there was anyone from emirates accompanying this couple, feeling concerned or even calling in to ask how his wife was doing.

This is what her husband wrote:



emirates 3

emirates 4

This is just so sad to know that the airlines like Emirates are treating their passengers like this. This is what the passenger wrote. Lets see what Emirates Airlines has to say about this incident. We wish Tashfeen’s wife a speedy recovery.


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