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Edhi to undergo operation today…

Our very well known social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi will undergo his kidney operation at Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplant today, said his son Faisal Edhi.

The younger Edhi appealed people to pray for his father. The world famed doctor and head of SIUT, Dr Adeeb Rizvi, along with his team, would operate upon Edhi today.9152-Edhix-1322638188-442-640x480

Faisal Edhi said several politicians including Aseefa Bhutto Zardari had arrived for inquiring after health of Mr Edhi and Rehman Malik and Malik Riaz had also offered to sponsor treatment of Mr Edhi. Faisal Edhi said, “We are thankful for their gesture, but I must add that my family is satisfied with my father’s treatment at SIUT and Dr Adeeb Rizvi is like a family to us.”

Whoever and wherever Edhi is treated or operated, we just pray that he is well and healthy enoufh to continue his legacy back in full swing. He is the father of our dying Nation and we need more such like him. We all have that inner glow within ourselves, we only need to look for it and find it as soon as possible to keep the efforts of Edhi alive – showing him that he mattered and that his work would never go astray.


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