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Edhi Foundation becomes World’s Largest Volunteer Ambulance Organization!

Abdul Sattar Edhi, who has died aged about 88, was a social activist who became known as the “Father Teresa” of Pakistan. Regarded by many Pakistanis as a national hero, he devoted his life to aiding the poor.

The Edhi Foundation is a non-profit social welfare program in Pakistan. Edhi until his death on 8 July 2016 was the head of the organization and his wife Bilquis, a nurse, oversees the maternity and adoption services of the foundation. Its headquarters are in Karachi, Pakistan.

The Edhi Foundation is funded entirely by private donations and services are offered to people irrespective of ethnicity or religion. It runs the world’s largest volunteer ambulance service (operating 1,500 of them) and offers 24-hour emergency services.

How does it help the poor?

The Edhi Foundation provides 24-hour emergency assistance across the nation of Pakistan and abroad. Its main focuses are Emergency Services, Orphans, Handicapped Persons, Shelters, Education, Healthcare, International Community Centers, Blood & Drug Bank, air ambulance services, Marine And Coastal Services.

Edhi Foundation was founded in?

1951 by Abdul Sattar Edhi

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