Donald Trump supporters got ‘free hugs’ from two Muslim sisters
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Donald Trump supporters got ‘free hugs’ from two Muslim sisters

Donald Trump, known for his hostile and aggressive behaviour towards Muslims, might have something to think about now. In the rally on Friday, two Muslim sisters offered free hugs to Trump supporters waiting to get into the demonstration.

Hajer Sbehawi, 25, and her 12-year-old sister roamed around the line with the “Free Hugs” signs. Sbehawi, while talking to an international website, stated that it was disappointing that she only got five hugs in 15 minutes.

She said; “My goal was to get at least 1,000 hugs that day. We’re just here to spread love. I don’t think there’s enough of that here.”

Donald Trump supporters got ‘free hugs’ from two Muslim sisters

The sisters said that they weren’t nervous about coming to a Trump rally but, rather, they were happy to spread love.

I think people here are good people,” she said. According to her, people or there intentions are not bad but they are confused and misinformed.

“I hope to maybe change some people’s minds about Muslims like myself. I think a lot of people here have never met a Muslim,” she said. “So I think if I come out here and show face and give people a hug they will understand that not all Muslims are violent.”

Sbehawi also expressed her desire to come to more Trump rallies in the future. “Absolutely! I love hugs!”, she said.

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